April 7, 2021

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00:10 It's been really difficult to talk about racism, we as a players is difficult to do something, we don't see any action from authorities, people say horrible words to us and families, we have to stop it!
2:20 I've seen a lot of horrible words on my phone for me and my family
4:00 My advice to other players is to speak and share it on social media
4:50 Really affects me a lot when they speak about my family
6:10 Sometimes I want to delete my social media when I see these messages
7:00 Sometimes I don't want to look at my phone, we are human beings and we always try to do our best
8:20 We need to take actions to change something
9:00 I think we need to find the way to take the profile of the responsibles
10:50 on Slavia, is going to be a very difficult match
11:30 Difficult to know why we are so inconsistent this season
13:00 The younger players they have a great future, they have eve
15:00 I don't want to speak about players from other clubs
16:00 We have great players here to win titles but is taking time, for me is a different club than in Chelsea with different mentality
Willian opens up on his battles against online abuse in a compelling press conference ahead of Arsenal’s Europa League clash against Slavia Prague.
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