August 26, 2022


00:00 - Intro

00:04 - Injury updates for Fulham match: We have a full team apart from Nelson who’s injured.

00:20 - What was the most satisfying thing about the Bournemouth performance?: The way we played and picking up the points.

00:35 - What’s been done differently this season compared to last season? We are in a different moment.

01:02 - What to expect from Fulham on Saturday? A tough match, they did extremely well in the Championship.

01:27 - Alexander Mitrovic, is his aerial threat the biggest threat to Arsenal’s defence? When Mitrovic is around the box he has that efficiency in the box.

01:47 - Transfer updates? Not right now.

01:58 - Reaction to Nicolas Pepe leaving the club?: It’s been three years since he joined. He’s had good moments, but it was the best decision to let him go.

02:31 - The mood of the squad ahead of Fulham?: It’s really good, the boys have trained exceptionally well this week.

02:53 - The Europa League draw, going al out to win it to get Champions League football? You have to go all out in every competition, to try to win it.

03:16 - Financial fair play and being on UEFA’s watch list: We are compliant and have heard nothing.

03:25 - Will have no implications on the rest of the transfer window: The club has been very disciplined, nothing changes.

03:45 - Were you aware it’s your 100th Premier League match in charge of Arsenal?: I’ve just found out!

03:56 - Emotion to that milestone, getting 52 wins?: Such a privilege to be at this football club!

04:12 - Hector Bellerin’s future and any possible solutions?: There are still a few players we are discussing their future.

04:32 - What has Arteta learnt while being at Arsenal?: How difficult and beautiful life is when you win or lose!

05:09 - Did Arteta ever doubt he’d get to this point in the project?: We are human beings, you have to adapt but you have to feel it.

05:51 - Two games a week with Europa League, how to ensure the squad keeps its high standards?: It’s an unprecedented season. Two games a week and the World Cup.

06:26 - Gabriel Jesus’ form and the potential return to the Premier League of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang?: With Gabby with are happy with how he’s settled and his performance. With Auba it’s his future and we wish him well.

06:42 - Going for a coffee with Aubameyang?: Normally I don’t do that.

07:00 - Transfer fee being a weight around Pepe’s neck? I don’t know. I think Nico has tried to deal with it. He’s not responsible for the price.

07:38 - Only a loan deal, so not the end of Pepe’s Arsenal career?: He needs his minutes, he’s been craving it.

08:15 - Failure this season if Arsenal don’t get Champions League football after all the money spent?: That’s a question for all the Premier League’s who are buying seven or eight players.

08:50 - Lessons learned with club’s recruitment after Pepe’s failed transfer?: The transfers were always in the best intentions. We believed he was the best player at the time to improve our

By HaytersTV