May 21, 2022


00:00 - Intro

00:20 - Good experience of top four fight with Spurs: I’m more optimistic because I’ve lived it and I know how it feels. I know how you feel a few days before. Anything can happen.

00:55 - Coming off injured that day: I started but I had to come off. I didn’t train and I had to play with injections but during the game I couldn’t continue.

01:20 - How do you approach Sunday: When you’re playing away it’s more difficult but when you’re at home you will know very quickly.

01:40 - Needing something unlikely to happen: We need to perform at a much higher level because we can’t affect the other game.

02:05 - Needing an Arsenal hero at Norwich: Because Norwich are keeping all their goals for Spurs!

02:30 - Arsenal having the youngest squad: They’re not going to be kids all of their lives, next season they’re going to be more mature.

03:05 - Transfer policy: We know have balance in the squad. It’s much more affordable and now we need to add the top quality pieces to get better.

03:55 Fans playing a big part: To push and drive the team. They’ve been phenomenal and when they do that it fuels the players.

04:20 - Pressure on Tottenham: We were in that position days ago and now it’s Spurs’ to lose.

04:50 - Long term impact after last two defeats: It has to happen first. We might still be in the champions league but this squad is different to the team that lost the Europa League final.

05:20 - Bukayo Saka needing a break: He needs a break that’s for sure. He’s played a lot of minutes this season and last season. That’s what you expect from your important players.

05:45 - Talking to Gareth Southgate: Yes we will speak to Gareth and every manager responsible for our players.

06:40 - Missed opportunity: It will be for sure because it was in our hands. It will take time to dust that off, but this is football.

07:10 - Next season being harder: I don’t know. I don’t expect a season harder than two seasons ago in COVID and this season.

07:40 - Losing 13 games this season: It’s a big gap and the table doesn’t lie. You need to be realistic with our recruitment. There’s a lot to learn.

08:10 - Losing so many games not being sustainable: That’s the challenge we have in front of us.

08:30 - Players not having the courage: It’s about our ability to come back. There’s a lot of factors.

09:05 - Champions League football keeping the top players: With one game to go we’re still competing with teams who have a different profile of players. It’s how and who wins the football matches.

10:10 - Difference in transfer targets if no UCL football is delivered: I don’t know how the market will act. Playing Champions League will be easier to attract players.

10:35 - Lowering the wage bill in January: We’ve been doing it for two years, because we need a sustainable model. I want this club run in a sustainable way while being ambitious.


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