November 20, 2020

0:10 dementia/heading? We have to take research very seriously. My kids not allowed to head ball at all in America.
1:15 I will do whatever benefits players
1:45 Ceballos clashes with other players? We demand competitive levels and it is a thin line.
2:30 Villa defeat analysis?
4:40 I will find out who is leaking information and there will be consequences
5:45 Honeymoon period over? I always feel the same pressure as I demand best from me and players.
6:40 Takes me a week to go through a game and Villa was even harder - I hated it and do not want to see it again.
7:03 Going to be a bumpy road
7: 20 I am optimistic but really miss fans to help us build a chemistry and becoming extremely difficult.

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta vows to fin...

By HaytersTV