April 22, 2022


00:00 - Intro

00:05 - Tomiyasu’s return: If Tomiyasu trains today then he will be involved.

00:15 - The quick turnaround from Chelsea: We are training late again and will be ready tomorrow.

00:40 - The top four race: There will be a lot of twists and turns that’s for sure.

00:50 - Ten Haag’s arrival at Man United: Ten Haag has done really good, especially with Ajax in the Champions League.

01:15 - Does anything change from this point: For us no, nothing changes.

01:30 - Will Nketiah start on Saturday: We will see how Eddie recovers and how everyone else in the squad is.

01:45 - Eddie’s performance against Chelsea: It’s what Eddie does. He hasn’t had enough minutes this season.

02:05 - How the players perform when called upon: Fortunately that’s the case, and we expect that from players who come in. We have options to change.

02:30 - The challenges for the rest of the season: I’m excited and we’re going to give it a go.

02:45 - Assessing Man United’s performance against Liverpool: I’m not here to assess anyone’s performance. Liverpool were exceptional and going to Anfield is always difficult.

03:20 - On Saka taking the penalty against Chelsea: It tells me Saka is willing to take more responsibility. At his age, his confidence to step forward is brilliant.

03:50 - The mood in the dressing room post-Chelsea: After winning a dressing room is better than losing. I’m happy with how the team behave when it’s not going well.

04:20 - The spine of young/academy players in the squad: It’s down to the work the academy staff has done. You need to step in the big games and make a difference.

05:05 - Fan Tifo before the United game: I’m pleased to hear this. The engagement that the fans want to have with the team is great, they have a big part to play.

05:55 - Decisions made during Arteta’s reign: Normally when you have to make that many tough decisions, it’s difficult to continue. We’ve made these decisions and have implemented a vision that has risks but is the most efficient.

07:15 - Possible advice to Ten Haag: I’m not giving any advice, I just try to do my job.

07:40 - The potential of the squad: I think the individual and collective potential is so much bigger than what it is now.

08:30 - Football uniting with Ronaldo: I don’t think I’m allowed to talk about that. Unless you’ve experienced it then you haven’t gone through that pain.

09:25 - Lacazette’s availability: Laca will train and we’ll see. We need him.

09:55 - Elneny’s return and importance: Elneny is one of the most important players in the squad. He doesn’t get the credit he deserves.

10:15 - Elneny’s potential departure in the winter: Elneny received an offer to leave in January, but he understood that we could let another player leave.

10:40 - Elneny contract extension?: It’s another conversation that we’ll have at the end of the season. I’m really happy with him.

11:20 - Wenger’s legacy crossing his mind when taking the job: I did, but it was tiny in comp

By HaytersTV