August 12, 2022


00:00 - Intro

00:23 - It’s been really good. We’ve had a busy week with players leaving and I wish them the best.

00:48 - Emile Smith Rowe and Tomiyasu are back in training, some of the returning players will be in the squad tomorrow.

01:05 - Tierney played 20 minutes last week and his knee looks in perfect condition.

01:23 - A bad muscular issue for Reiss, I wish him a good recovery. They need to do more tested.

01:54 - It’s difficult to compare, we’ve only played on professional match.

02:26 - It’s the conditions and the context of the game, we need to adapt to it. We have the water break.

02:45 - We have to adapt and players have to mentally ready to play in these conditions. We have the five subs and it’s very helpful.

03:03 - Five subs is really helpful and allow players in the squad to get some minutes. It helps teach the players that they don’t always have to play 90 minutes.

03:34 - I’m happy with the people at the club and couldn’t be happier.

03:51 - Listen it’s been a long time since we stripped Aubameyang of the captaincy. We did it for the best of the club.

04:29 - Auba is an exceptional player, he was our captain and we have to be thankful for for his service.

04:42 - I hope Auba comes back to the Premier League.

05:08 - Leno and Torreira have left, Balogun had left on loan. There are some players that we need to find a solution with it.

05:51 - In this country we never get it right with any conditions. Twenty three degrees and cloudy would be perfect!

06:23 - It was the clubs main objective to make the people involved in the club happy with their jobs. That’s why there’s so much unity.

07:04 - It’s the first thing we talk about with new players, our values, how they should behave and to enjoy what they do. Football is their passion.

07:44 - I think team talks are very personal and happened in the moment. It has to come out from yourself naturally.

08:19 - The invincible season is something in the history of this club.

08:52 - I think Saliba has his feet on the ground. He created the expectation while on loan. He’s 21 years old and has played one game.

09:28 - The players really like Saliba. He’s a focused determined humble boy and his aim to get the team better.

09:58 - Emile needs to stay fit, train well and perform at the level we know he can. Then it’ll be impossible to not pick him.

10:27 - It was really positive first impression. Saliba’s body language was very mature.

10:53 - We will address Saliba’s contract situation. We want players to be happy and valued.

11:27 - Players in the same position with different characteristics give us different threats, and they create different problems.

12:05 - That’s the idea and the dream. We’re giving less instructions so they can take matters into their own hands.

12:30 - That’s what Vieira will tell us. He doesn’t want to be locked into one position and that’s really positive for us.

12:56 - That’s a difficult question to respond you. It depends

By HaytersTV