August 19, 2022


00:00 - Intro

00:03 - Team news for Saturday: Everyone is ok, Vieira, ESR and Cedric all played for the U23s so are all available.

00:22 - Confidence in the camp: Great to win and performance like we did but it’s the first two games but we need to improve.

00:42 - Not getting carried away: It’s just two games and we need to be conscious about that.

01:07 - Challenge Bournemouth pose: Bournemouth is a tough place to go, I played there many times. Last season they had a brilliant season and they will make it tough for us.

01:40 - Scott Parker continuing the tradition of how Bournemouth play: Scott has evolved the team in a positive way and they execute their game plan well.

02:12 - Scott Parker’s managerial career: I’m happy for him. The way he presents himself and I wish him best of luck, apart from tomorrow.

02:40 - Parker’s dress sense: He dresses well on the pitch and away from it.

03:02 - How impressed is Arteta with Gabriel Jesus: The biggest difference since I last worked with him is his maturity. I’m glad he’s having a good time here.

03:37 - What has Arteta seen different in Jesus since he came to England : He’s improved his game, he’s been working on it. What impresses me the most is his attitude and desire to win.

04:12 - How feared must other teams be of an inform striker: At top team you need top scorers, ideally three and when they hit those numbers that gives you every chance to be at the top.

04:35 - Transfer business: We’re still in the market, but we’re focussing on the players we have.

05:10 - Cedric playing in the U23s showing a message to other players: 100%. Marquinhos played in the U23s, Vieira and ESR played for fitness but Cedric wanted to play.

05:47 - When will Arteta look at the league table: I look at the table after 10 or 12 games, but I don’t focus too much on it.

06:16 - The right player coming in at Arsenal: It had to be the right person and the right player, otherwise it’s not worth it.

06:40 - Pepe leaving: While we can communicate, we’ve discussed that we have a big squad and it’s possible while the window is open.

07:42 - Xhaka leading without the armband: He doesn’t need the armband to be a leader. He’s a special player for the team and we need him to perform the same or better.

08:21 - Fans watching the team train: Anything to connect with the fans and we’ve had discussions to do that.

08:42 - Arteta’s managerial debut against Bournemouth: It was raining, I got very wet. I was excited and nervous but it was a long time ago.

09:00 - How much has Arteta evolved since his first managerial game: A club need a certain person or coach at certain times.

09:48 - Is this finally Arteta’s team: It was from the first day. Since I’ve got here it’s been my team, as we’re here to help improve them.

10:28 - Putting an arm around Ramsdale after a mistake: Aaron has been pretty good at the start of the season. But when you put the camera on them after a mistake, the feel it.

11:05 - Vieira’

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