May 7, 2022


00:00 - Intro

00:15 - Biggest week for Arsenal for five/six years: We don’t know that. Each game can define the present and the future of the club, especially we what competition we shall be in. We are aware of that.

01:10 - This week bigger than an FA Cup final? : It feels different. It’s not a final but we have two weeks to go and it’s in our hands.

01:40 - What Arteta needs to do to gain legendary status at Arsenal: I’m happy with who I am at this club. I want to bring trophies to this club and make the people who support this club happy.

02:10 - Is the job Arteta’s done at Arsenal similar to what Bielsa did at Leeds: What Bielsa did was transform the energy and belief of an entire city. That is extraordinary and special.

02:45 - Is something similar happening in North London: We’ve come a long way and are finding more ways to improve that.

03:10 - Arteta’s longevity as a coach: The day I decided to start coaching, I said there will be a starting day and a finishing day. Whether that’s at 42, 45 or 76. It will be either a decision done by me or the club.

03:45 - Is the Leeds game as important as the North London Derby: It will be a tough game. Looking at their performance and the result against Man City was confusing but we know what to expect.

04:20 - Physical and mental improvements as a team: We are much better physically and mentally. We’ve come a long way as a team.

04:55 - You have to be prepared for that. It’s always based on results. When you’re doing well you’re expected to continue.

05:25 - Outside influence: There are more positives than negatives. It’s organic, and if anyone wants to contribute is more than welcome, but if anyone wants to come and poison the club has to be far away from the club. We have incredible people at the club.

06:25 - Legends of the club being in touch: It’s incredible how that generation went invincible and won the league twice at Tottenham. It will be incredible for us.

07:00 - Looking at the bigger picture: From the club perspective there is uncertainty but they want me here regardless of what competition we’re in.

07:35 - The trust from the club: I feel the right trust from the owners and the players. When you have those ingredients then the choice is very easy.

08:15 - The teams ability to perform under pressure: The team’s maturity and resilience to compete under difficult circumstances has been brilliant.

08:50 - Is the new contract heavily incentivised: I want to respond. It is incentivised but depends on the performance of the club.

09:15 - Financial incentive in the contract: There is a part on that, yes.

09:40 - Helping Everton stay up by beating Leeds: If we start talking about this then we’re going down a different topic. We want to win football matches and whatever consequences they are it is what it is.

10:15 - The players thinking about Tottenham: When you get to the last few matches and do the maths it’s difficult, but focus on what’s right.



By HaytersTV