November 20, 2020

TIMESTAMPS 0:10 Very difficult to prepare with players all over the world and COVID making it more unpredictable, but we are not only club in this position Leeds will be strong and aggressive and we know what to expect Villa was a shock to the system Pressure? I feel privileged but it is an all consuming job with different problems every day as a manager Partey? He wanted to play on with injury v Villa and hope he will be back soon but have to protect him Internationals? Every country trying to protect their players but it is easier for some than others Auba play for Gabon again? Was a shock but I believe Gabon doing their best and things can happen – I said to Auba take it as an experience and remember how lucky you are to have a bed to sleep in Luiz and Ceballos fight? Training is very competitive and any issues get resolved immediately. I did not see it! Willian in Dubai? We resolve all issues internally and move on. I explained to him what I am expecting but need to remember there are a lot of personal factors too. Willock? Really impressed how handled lack of game time and trained so well in last six weeks so has a chance to play on Sunday Nketiah play against his former club on Sunday? Pleased for Pep - congratulations on new deal Asking too much of players and managers? Hope the PL and broadcasters will try to protect the players – including 5 subs and bigger squads. Fans back in December? Hopeful and optimistic. Willian squad? It has been dealt with and I can not sa...

By HaytersTV