February 3, 2023

00:00 - Intro.
00:14 - Martinelli's new contract: Great news. We want to build with the young talent, he's a player with enormous potential but is performing at a high level.
00:40 - Where can Martinelli develop?: In all departments. He's so willing to do so, that's the best thing about Gaby.
01:11 - Saliba and Saka's new contracts, any progress?: Part of the plan is to extend the contracts of our biggest talents at the club and we are trying to do that.
01:32 - No problem's so far?: Everyone is really happy, but we need to meet their expectations.
01:49 - Will Partey be fit?: Let's see, he's still a doubt.
02:00 - Not a serious injury?: No it's not very significant but hopefully he will be fine.
02:25 - Jorginho arrival: Many years ago! We knew in this market you need to adapt, he's a play I've always admired and has great quality.
02:58 - Late timing of transfer?: It wasn't that late, he's been a player always close to our intentions.
03:10 - Is Smith Rowe available?: Not yet.
03:17 - Reaction to Sean Dyche's appointment: Everyon have tried to accommodate the right character, Sean's time at Burnley speaks for itself.
03:55 - Tough test mentality at Goodison Park: We haven't been getting the results, it's going to be a tough test.
04:20 - Happy with the transfer window?: It was a really tricky one but a real positive one.
06:03 - No excuses to win the league?: What we have to do is training really well then win, that's the only thing we can do.
06:35 - Good for football for the amount of money spent?: It's the context that we live in. This squad is in a moment to not waste evolving it.
07:18 - Happy with the progress since your appointment?: It's a been a while and we're in a much better position. The task tomorrow is to win.
07:43 - What makes Jorginho so good?: His intelligence, leadership and personality. He will fit in really well.
08:10 - Signing players that don't fit into the current mould of player the club are after: You then have to adapt to the circumstances, the Elneny injury made us adapt our plans.
08:44 - Elneny to be offered new contract despite injury: Our way of treating people and expectation of them is the maximum.
09:21- What needs to change to get the number one transfer targets?: Im happy with what we did. You have to adapt your planning and we did.
10:02 - How do the younger players know they'll get minutes?: If they train and play well they will have the minutes.
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