April 29, 2022


00:00 - Intro

00:10 - Will Saka be ok to start on Sunday?: Saka will be fine. He had some issues but he’s recovered well.

00:25 - Can we expect to see Partey before the end of the season: Partey is progressing but we don’t expect him to make it for this season.

00:50 - Is Tomiyasu expected to start on Sunday: You know when a player has been out for a long spell but we’ll make a decision about Tomi tomorrow.

01:10 - Is it now a two horse race for the top four: Every club have difficult games ahead and we need to continue.

01:30 - How big would three consecutive wins be: If you can win consecutive away from home then you gain momentum.

01:50 - Is West Ham playing in Europe an advantage: West Ham have been doing it all season and have a big squad to maintain the level.

02:20 - How much have Arsenal improved since last time they played away at West Ham: Hopefully a lot. When we played West Ham last season we put ourselves in a difficult position.

02:50 - Xhaka's renaissance: Things have happened in Xhaka’s personal life and he has found ways to deal with it. Credit to him.

03:25 - Jurgen Klopp's new contract: We have not decided what’s right but what other teams are doing are not my concern.

03:55 - Spurs playing before Arsenal: Nobody knows about that. Last time Spurs played before us they lost.

04:15 - Is Spurs losing a benefit: If we win and Spurs lose then that’s great.

04:45 - West Ham's drop off: It is demanding but the chances West Ham made, the result could've been much different. It's not a performance issue.

05:10 - Have Arsenal benefited from not being in Europe: We are going to make the most about it and take advantage of this opportunity.

05:30 - Is this stage in the season a learning experience for the young players: For most of them it is but it’s been like this for the last two or three months, but this is what we want.

06:00 - The journey Arsenal have been on in the last 12 months: We have a very different squad. The unity we as a club have is very different and beneficial. The team has evolved and the results are better.

06:40 - Is Mikel a better manager now: I hope I’m a better manager than I was 12 months ago.

07:00 - The plan for next summer: It’s not that easy but the plan is clear.

07:10 - Hector Bellerin's future: Any player with a contract with us is considered our player.

07:45 - West Ham playing a weaker squad with Europe on their mind: It’s their decision to manage their squads. You have to respect their decisions.

08:05 - Difficult to plan against a much changed team: We are guessing but all we’re doing is preparing for the game.

08:40 - Saka and his mental strength: The first conversation I had with Bukayo was after the penalty incident but Southgate was really supportive of him and helped him a lot.

09:35 - Pressure playing at club level compared to international level: I think the players are doing it at their clubs so the step in demand is not so different. International level is di

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