May 20, 2022


00:00 - Intro

00:05 - Mikel thanks the media for the covering the club this season.

01:55 - Likelihood of winning: a very good chance. I’m very hopeful of winning.

02:35 - Expectation of the club: We have created expectations that this club deserves but the last two games we haven’t lived up to them. I want to be in a completely different position.

03:30 - Xhaka's comments: Once you allow someone to have a microphone you are honest. Granit did it in front of your faces.

03:55 - Resources the club will have for the summer: We will have some resources. I’m not sure how much everyone will have but we have to find a way to do the same as last season.

04:30 - The season performance: The league table doesn’t lie after 38 games. We are still far off.

04:55 - Marquinhos signing soon: When there is a player to announce we will tell you.

05:25 - Pitch invasions: We have to stop it and minimise the risk of players and managers being at risk. We have to do something about it.

05:55 - Finishing in the top four: I can answer the question on Sunday for you.

06:10 - Vision for the club: It is clear we are not where we want to be. We have to get there somehow and it takes time.

06:45 - The culture of the club: The development of the culture of the club is getting better. It’s something to be proud of.

07:20 - Watching Everton survive relegation: I was watching Everton and it gives me encouragement that Norwich can do that on Sunday. We are hoping something can happen.

07:50 - Everton avoiding relegation: Playing the last game against a relegation threatened team can be difficult.

08:15 - Learning from mistakes: You learn different things in football matches. We analysed it and hopefully it can be different.

08:40 - Xhaka's comments post-Newcastle: You have to ask Granit about his comments.

09:00 - Allowing players to speak their feelings: I prefer not to comment on it, but you need to allow the players to express themselves.

09:15 - Speaking to Xhaka: We always talk.

09:40 - The competitiveness of the league: The league has never been as competitive. We don’t know the other teams’ resources and I don’t want to look back.

10:25- How much do Arsenal have to spend: It’s not only about that amount. It’s not about how much money you’ve spent it’s about the amount of players you have in your squad.

11:00 - Tottenham food poisoning: I don’t know anything about that.

11:30 - Shortcomings in January: No. Everything we did was to try to reach our objectives and challenging for the top four. But also be financially stable.

12:05 - Signing new players: You give me six players and I’ll bring you the six players. The best three strikers in the world, bring them here and I will coach them!

12:40 - Pressure on the young squad: It can be a lot of factors. When we lose control and try to reset but we need to find different ways to do that.

13:20 - Emotional side of the game: Sometimes it’s emotional but sometimes it’s about game management.


By HaytersTV