September 30, 2022


00:00 - Intro.

00:12 -Team news: We just finished training. Players arrived yesterday and they look in good condition.

00:38 - Confidence in the squad: Mentality doesn’t change. We need to be humble but also ambitious.

01:05 - How Tottenham have started: The journey they’ve had since Conte has come in has been impressive.

01:34 - Using last season’s derby defeat as fuel: It’s all about emotions. It’s the nicest games of the seasons for our supporters and it’s an important match. The word is excitement.

02:10 - Telling the new players about your derby experiences: They know what to expect.

02:21 - Partey, Tierney and Zinchenko: They are part of the team.

02:44 - Good interaction with national team coaches: We all want the best for the player, the best way for that is good communication with the national teams.

03:22 - Nine games in October: You have to go game by game and how players are physically and mentally will dictate.

04:00 - What have you said to Gabriel Jesus about missing out for Brazil: I understand how they feel, and how we can help them. The only thing he can do is play as he is or better.

04:33 - What makes North London Derby special?: Many things. You need to feel attached. It’s a special city with special fans.

05:11 - Any special team talks: We have so many people here and their feelings to the club are so deep.

05:44 - Positive to get Emile Smith Rowe back after the World Cup: Hopefully he’ll be back after the World Cup. We have to prepare to get back stronger.

06:12 - How long will ESR be out: We can’t tell you a timeline. Before the World Cup it won’t be easy and after it we need to monitor the process.

06:43 - Tottenham talks for Jesus: Edu spoke to Jesus about the project and I spoke to him so it was a team effort to get him.

07:14 - Convinced that you were signing Jesus: We were hopeful but there were a lot of steps to get through.

07:37 - Arsenal being a better team than last year: The next few months will tell us if we are.

07:58 - Saliba playing in a derby: This is football and William has shown what he can do. He’s been so good that I have no doubts.

08:26 - Jesus on four bookings and close to suspension: It’s a fine balance, he puts his body on the line. We need to avoid the fifth booking.

09:03 - Emotions getting the better of the team: It’s a different circumstance. You take the lesson and learn from it.

09:36 - Timing of last season’s derby being a disadvantage: If you want to play in the Champions League you need to overcome these problems.

10:13 - Officials in charge of the Derby: Let him do his job.

10:25 - Spurs being awarded 4 penalties in last 8 games against Arsenal: We’ll be looking at all those things but we need to let the referee run the game.

10:45 - Smith Rowe surgery the best solution?: We tried to find a solution but it didn’t work, so we decided to take this route.


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