September 2, 2022


00:00 - Intro.

00:07 - Team news: Odegaard and Ramsdale will be assessed. Zinchenko is still out.

00:34 - Disappointed to not get another midfielder?: the club has done a phenomenal job. But after Partey’s injury we tried to react.

01:22 - Squad good enough to win the Premier League and Europa League?: It’s the best squad and players I have available. We have to utilise all our players

01:46 - Memories of playing Man United: Playing and winning against them is beautiful.

02:15 - Does Man United v Arsenal still have the same edge?: In England it doesn’t get much better than this.

02:49 - Impressed with Erik ten Hag: When you look at the players they’ve signed, and the money they’ve spent, it’s no surprise they’re winning games.

03:16 - How the midfielder search played out: We’re looking to bring the best possible players to the football club. We tried to act but we didn’t find the right player.

03:47 - How important was it not to panic buy?: We’ve learnt a lot about that. We need to be very disciplined and are trying to avoid causing issues in the future.

04:19 - How do you assess the options you have now?: Give the players we have the confidence and belief.

04:33 - Is Man United the biggest test for this side so far?: Every opponent you play in the Premier League is a test.

04:55 - Aubameyang to Chelsea: Aubameyang has made that decision for his future and we wish him the best.

05:16 - Will Zinchenko be in the squad?: After Zinchenko missed the last two games, unfortunately he won’t be in the squad.

05:40 - Is the squad capable of losing key players and still winning?: I hope we can still play well with the other players. But to lose a game isn’t how I analyse players.

06:11 - Getting business early, Arsenal fans not having any deadline day signings in the future: Yesterday we could’ve done something if they were the right player. We tried but it had to be the right player.

06:40 - Final conversation with Bellerin: Bellerin called me really late last night, and had a conversation like when we were team mates. I love the kid and I hope he can fulfil his career.

07:29 - Big sides go and win at Old Trafford don’t they?: It’s not something new, we’ve already done it. We have to go to Old Trafford to win.

07:47 - Timeframe on Partey and Elneny returns: We’re talking weeks with Partey and months for Elneny.

08:10 - Managing Partey in a different way or just unlucky?: A lot had happened since Partey’s joined. We need him back.

09:01 - Receiving transfer fees for players: I’ve always said the market doesn’t lie. When the player days I have to, I go into the market.

09:40 - So proud of the process: The feeling and the energy around the club is great and the icing on the cake is winning football matches.

10:07 - Doing it with a young squad: It’s very fulfilling. When you have huge talent and hungry personalities, good things happen.

10:46 - Psychological issue going and winning at Old Trafford: We have gone through that

By HaytersTV